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The Historical Society’s newsletter officially became The Hastings Historian in May 1985.

In the table below is a listing of our newsletters from 1982 to present, plus a sample from 1973. Images of newsletter covers are available from February 1983 on. Click the date in the first column for a large view of the newsletter cover. To see the entire newsletter, please visit the Society or call (914) 478-2249 to see if reprints are available.

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Date Articles
Spring 1973 One of the oldest newsletters
January 1982 Zinsser Smokestack: editorial
The History of Dudley’s Grove
Looking Back: The Buccaneer
Spring 1982 Dock Street, alias Landing Road, alias Main Street, alias ...
Palisades Inspire a Great Poet (John Masefield)
Mills, Unionization, and Trotsky
Hastings, The “Melting Pot”
August 1982 Blackballed in Hastings?
Ten Riverview Place
A History of the Southside Club
February 1983 Across the Hudson: The Tonetti Gardens
Hastings’ Only Beaux Arts Building: The Graham Campus
Strikes, Freedom of Speech, and the Riverview Manor Bus
Hastings Waterfront circa 1900
April 1983 The Last Luncheonette
Hastings Bakery 1922-32
Schools Superintendent Hopkins’ Observations on Recreation in Hastings, c. 1934
Hastings’ First Library
July 1983 The Hastings Waterfront: Its Rise and Decline
November 1983 The Hounds of Hastings
A History of the Hastings Public Library
Hastings’ Famous Longue Vue Restaurant
The Orphan Asylum in Hastings, 1902-22 (Graham-Windham)
April 1984 A Brief History of the Cottage
May 1984 Cold Blooded Murder...in Hastings
The Lefurgy Family Papers
Ferrara’s Market and Ferrera’s Liquors
Fall 1984 If You’re Thinking of Living in Hastings-on-Hudson (Reprint, NY Times article)
Lewis Hine
January 1985 The Glen Then: A History of 645 North Broadway
The Ledges of Hudson Heights
My Childhood Storytellers: Ellen and Peggy Zinsser
When Less Is Really More! (Notes on Cottage restoration)
May 1985 The Riverview Manor House Company Christmas Card of ’42
Hastings’ White Marble Quarry: Its Rise and Fall
July 1985 Hastings’ Research House
January 1986 Hastings’ Gateway: Some of Its Past (The Saw Mill River Parkway)
William Edgar, after Whom a Lane Was (Much Later) Named
May 1986 The Summer of ’36
August 1986 The Baker Funeral Home
The Rowley Flats
November 1986 The Todd Family: Village Benefactors
A Long Look Backward (1955 reminescence by Julia House)
February 1987 George Baronian: Citizen of the Year
Margaret Sanger: Hastings’ First Disgruntled Housewife?
Catcing the 6:15
Spring 1987 Fire! Fire! Fire! (Hastings fire companies)
Summer 1987 From Ellis Island to Hastings: The Effect of Immigration on a Hudson River Village (Part I)
Visual History: Postcards
Fall 1987 Ellis Island to Hastings (Part II)
Dancing on the Aqueduct
Christmas-Past in Hastings
Winter 1988 The Home of Glinda the Witch
The Hastings Center
The Blizzard of 1888
Preserving Family Memorabilia
Spring 1988 Learning from Our Elders
Oral Histories of Jim Gavacs, Lucy Caruso Cocciardi, and John Vanek
Follow-ups: Billie Burke, Women at Zinsser Chemical Company
Summer 1988 Joe O’Mara: From Rinky Dinks to Anaconda (oral history)
Susan Koslap: Worked Hard, but a Good Life (oral history)
Olga Kawalchuk Mullen: We Were River-wise (oral history)
When a Shack Was Not a Shack: Dr. Jenks’ Hospital
Fall 1988 Steamboats on the Hudson
A Man for All Seasons: Jasper Francis Cropsey
Sophie Chemka Minkewicz: Saturday Night Was Family Night (oral history)
Winter 1989 Sue Smith: Citizen of the Year
Follow-Up: The Chemka Family
Leffert Lefferts Buck: A House in Hastings
J. Otis Swift: Chickadees, Mysticism, and Homespun Philosophy
Spring 1989 The Fabulous Hope Diamond: Could It Once Have Resided in Hastings?
Paternalism in Hastings (Anaconda and Zinsser companies)
Commercial Shad Fishing: Another Aspect of Waterfront History
J. Otis Swift and Treetops
Summer 1989 The Search for a Vanished Villa
Strikes, the Home Guard, and Paternalism: A Follow up
Polly Downar Ciborowski: “It was a close-knit community”
“Talking Hastings Baseball”: Conversations with Those Who Were There
Fall 1989 Old Families of Hastings: The Pulvers
Christmas at Locust Wood
The Bill of Rights and Hastings-1789
Talking Hastings Baseball (Interviews with John Antku, Mark Bingham, Julius Chemka, and Peter Kazura)
Winter 1990 The Buccaneer: A Faded Beauty with a Questionable Past
The Ladies of the Club, 1909-1942 (The Literature Club of Hastings)
The Chauncey Family and Their Vanished Villa: A Follow-Up
Memories of Sugar Pond
Spring 1990 Hastings’ Other Railroad
Locust Hill Remembered
Summer 1990 Archeology of 19th-Century Hillside Park
Grande Dame on Hudson (La Barranca)
Down on the River with Paul Hanak, 1925-1987 (oral history)
The Palmy Days of the International Hotel
More on Locust Hill and The Put
Jacob Schlachter’s Frog Hollow (Memories of Sugar Pond)
Fall 1990 The Abells of Sheldon Place
A History of the Old Croton Aqueduct
Guide to Historic Sites along the Aqueduct in Hastings (map)
Berenice Abbott on Photographing Lewis Hine
Winter 1991 Ravensdale Recollections
Uniontown, Waverly Estates, and Growing Up
Remembering Hastings, 1910s-1930s (Aresta Aluisio)
The Survivor (Rosedale’s bluestone quarry)
Spring 1991 Animation’s Forgotten Man, Frank Moser
Kitty Rapoli Brown: Growing Up in Hastings (oral history)
Bitts and Pieces of the Buccaneer Return to Texas
Daniel E. Rile, 1913-1991
Summer 1991 Between Heaven and Earth: Jacques Lipchitz in Hastings
Summer at Grandma’s (Hopke family)
Fall 1991 River View Manor: The Home Place Deluxe
The Changing Population of Hastings: A Look at Census Returns
Olinda: “The Beautiful”
Winter 1992 John William Draper and the Hastings Observatory
Elsie Muller McLave: Speedskater
More on Jacques Lipchitz
Spring 1992 Lewis Sente: We Had the Run of the Village (oral history)
The Saga of Draper Park
Hastings Prototype House Listed on National Register
Summer 1992 Tower Ridge: A Neighborhood and a Club
The Ziegfelds’ Girl (Excerpts from the book by Patricia Ziegfeld Stephenson)
Fall 1992 The Prehistoric Indian Heritage of Hastings
The Woman’s Club: Books, Bazaars, Benevolence
The Dragon Fought and Prevailed Not (Lt. Cmdr. Hallsted Hopping)
Winter 1993 Hastings’ Admiral: David Glasgow Farragut
Marie Copp, July 24, 1905-January 5, 1993
Spring 1993 Raffaele and Ralph Menconi
The Hospital That Never Was (Hastings Hillside Hospital)
Summer 1993 Hey Buddy, Do Ya Wanna Buy a Gold Mine? (gold mine hoax in Nepera Park)
Lovat and the Fraser Family
Spanning a Century: Seven Hastings Houses, 1834-1936
Fall 1993 Confederate Veterans Sleep on Hastings’ Eastern Flank
Fred Danback: Crusader Against Pollution (oral history)
Holiday Greetings (two 1934-35 poems incorporating Hastings family names)
A Pinecrest Christmas Carol
Winter 1994 Hastings’ Music Man: Peter W. Dykema
Now is the Winter of our Discontent (winter storms of 1947-48)
The Passing of an Estate (map of subdivision of Fraser property)
Courage & Grit: Eugenia Kyrduk Ravinsky
Spring 1994 Jim Slavin Goes To War (oral history)
The Saving of the Palisades
A Gordon Smith Recalled
Summer 1994 Tennis Anyone? Early Tennis Days in Hastings
John Pardy: “I Wanted To Be A Marine” (oral history)
Farewell to the Buccaneer
Fall 1994 Magic House (memories of Oakledge and Herbert and Rosetta Bohnert)
Margaret Dolph Thompson: “I Loved the Army” (oral history)
Lynne Polowitz Smith: “The War Brought Us Together” (oral history)
Hastings, c. 1910
Winter 1995 “Hello Southsider”: A Local History of a World War
A Child’s View of World War II
Christening of the Jasper F. Cropsey
When Buffalo Roamed in Hastings
Spring 1995 Hastings to Hastings
Memories of 50 Years Ago: Wally Martin (oral history)
Reflections on the Battle of the Bulge: Paul Edelman (oral history) Writing About Hastings: Austin Wright
Summer 1995 The Suburbanization of River View Manor: Landscape Architecture in the Romantic Style
Remembering Miss Pingrey
Fall 1995 George Harvey, Boumeester from Hastings
The Saga of a Supermarket
Winter 1996 The Maiers and Temple Israel Cemetery
A Remembrance of Harold Friedell
The Observatory Cottage
Investors in Hastings History
Spring 1996 The Day Hastings Exploded
The Society’s First 25 Years: 1971-96
Summer 1996 Stage Actor, Movie Icon - David Manners
Bertha Berbert: Westchester’s First Woman School Commissioner
Investors in Hastings History
Fall 1996 A Hastings Photo Album
The Archive Takes Shape
Investors in Hastings History
Winter 1997 Three Nobel Men (Dr. Max Theiler, Dr. L. James Rainwater, Dr. William S. Vickrey)
The Genealogy of a Hastings Farm
Investors in Hastings History
Spring 1997 “Sept. 8 - all well”: Letters from the Civil War
The Last Luncheonette
Summer 1997 Society’s New Home Completed
J. W. Draper’s History of the Civil War
The Punky Barrie Fishing Club
Fall 1997 “Making Learning a Joyful Process”: The Hudson River Country Day School
Vira Curry McNiece: A Hastings Life Recalled (oral history)
Open House (photos of cottage)
Winter 1998 Garibaldi in Hastings
“Cold Blooded Murder ... In Hastings”
Photographs from the Civil War
Postscripts: The Hudson River Country Day School
Spring 1998 Scientist, Scholar, Scribe: Carlotta Joaquina Maury
Citizen of the Year
Graduation through the Years
Notes from the Observatory
Summer 1998 The Battle of Edgar’s Lane - September 30, 1778
Peter Post - Hastings Revolutionary Hero
Some Early Accounts of the Battle
Fall 1998 By Mail Order: Sears Houses in Hastings
Hastings Before the Revolution
Battle of Edgar’s Lane Revisited
Winter 1999 “R.H.S.” The Life of Richmond Harold Shreve
The Children’s Playhouse
Spring/Summer 1999 Special Double Issue
Life at Burkeley Crest, Home of Billie Burke and Florenz Ziegfeld by Patricia Ziegfeld Stephenson
Sept. 1999 Fire! Fire! Fire!
Special Supplement in Honor of the 100th Anniversary of Uniontown Hose Co. No. 2 
Fall 1999 Portrait of Dorothy Catherine Draper 
Winter 2000 Hastings 1900
Scenes from the Renovation of the Municipal Building 
Spring 2000 In Farragut’s Wake: The Son behind the Famous Father
“Taking Care of Business”: Tales from the Society’s Current Exhibit
The Cropsey Campaign 
Summer 2000 Carl Brandt: Hastings’ Other 19th-Century Painter
Mary L. Allison, 1925-2000
The History of Dudley’s Grove 
Fall 2000 The Hudson-Fulton Celebration of 1909
Ed Young’s Hastings 
Winter 2001 Unbuilt Hastings
Are There Other Inhabited Worlds, by Henry Draper 
Spring 2001 Longue Vue Revisited
Hastings 1917: Seen through Japanese Eyes 
Summer 2001 A History of the Hastings Public Library
A Bit of Hastings in the Hebrides 
Fall 2001 Introducing the Hastings Historical Society
From Ellis Island to Hastings: The Effect of Immigration on a Hudson River Village
Kitty Rapoli Brown: Growing up in Hastings 
Winter 2002 Genealogy of a Hastings House 
Spring 2002 Did Washington -- Irving, That Is -- Sleep Here?
Images after Life: A View of Local Cemeteries 
Summer 2002 Actors in Hastings ... and a Young Man’s Mysterious Death
The First Hastings Youth Center 
Fall 2002 This Old House
November Photos from the Hastings Historical Society Archive
Hitler and the Palisades
Courageous Lion: Robert Barr Hill, 1930-1992 
Winter 2003 John Donnelly, Architectural Sculptor
The Bronze Doors of the Supreme Court
57 Buena Vista Drive 
Spring 2003 Two Artists Named Warren
A Family Moves to Whitman Street
Inside Hastings: Photos of the Interiors of Some Long-gone Stores 
Summer 2003 Shado-Lawn: “Small but Smart Home Colony”
Thurman Rotan, Photographer
The Battle of Edgars Lane, 225 Years Later 
Fall 2003 Speaking Volumes about Hastings History: The High School Yearbooks
A Relic in the Cove: The Tale of the Lancaster
Hastings Buzzer Christmas Scrapbook, 1955 
Winter 2004 Bill Ewen: Historian and Riverman
Steamboats on the Hudson
Alger Adams of Pinecrest 
Spring 2004 When Hastings Went to the Chickens
Former Hastings “Resident” Is Once More Plying New York Waterways
Margaret Sanger: Hastings’ First Disgruntled Housewife? 
Summer 2004 Society to Bring “Museum” to Hastings’ Streets
The Dan Rile Prize Winner: Talking with Three Mayors
New Exhibit: Two Hastings Artists
Hastings--125 Years Old 
Fall 2004 Strike! Labor Troubles at National Conduit and Cable
Strikes, Freedom of Speech, and the Riverview Manor Bus 
Winter 2005 The Quarry
Transforming the Quarry
Social Life at Quarry Park 
Spring 2005 A Hastings Photo Album: 1914
Growing up in Hastings: Photos from the Archive 
Summer 2005 The Dan Rile Prize Winner: The Hastings-on-Hudson Girls’ Fife, Drum and Bugle Corps
The House That Became the “Burke Estate”
Tennis 1890s Style 
Fall 2005 Recollections of Life in 1930s Hastings: Oral History of Anna Boulanger Freitag
Joseph Boulanger, as in Boulanger Plaza
Our New Exhibit: Anaconda in Hastings, 1929-1975
Memories of Anaconda 
Winter 2006 Kenneth Clark: A Quiet Man Who Made a Difference
Memories of Virginia Andrus McGuire
Back When We Danced on the Aqueduct
“The Beautiful Suburb of Hastings” in 1867
The Blizzard of 1888 
Spring 2006 On the Waterfront
The Mystery of Florence Groff’s Pyramid
How Anaconda Made Wire and Cable 
Summer 2006 The History of Temple Beth Shalom
Hastings’ Olympian: Harry Hillman
The President’s Annual Report 
Fall 2006 When Hastings Went Black: Air-Raid Wardens on Patrol
Growing Up in Tower Ridge, 1928-1945
Notable Hastings Residents: Arthur Abell, George Baker, William Briesemeister 
Winter 2007 Two Boys with a River in their Souls and Olympic Dreams in Their Heads
Hastings Overseas: Messages and Photos from Those Who Served in WWII
Notable Hastings Residents: Bertha Berbert, John L. Hopkins, Jack A. Warren 
Spring 2007 Alan Brock: Actor, Agent, Writer
Mysteries of Circle Drive
Notable Hastings Residents: August Sundh 
Summer 2007 Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr.: Impresario, Theater Producer (1867-1932)
Henry Kulky (1911-1965)
Hastings Historical Society Annual Report 2007 
Fall 2007 The House That Tax Built: The Stormy History behind the Construction of the Hastings Schools
Computerization Three Years On: Accomplishments and Next Steps for the Mary Allison Archive Project 
Winter 2008 On the Street Where You Live: A History of Hastings’ Street Names
Ice Yachts on the Hudson River: “Men in Great Glee”
A Menu from the Longue Vue Restaurant, c. 1915 
Spring 2008 Antonia Maury: Draper Granddaughter, Astronomer, Naturalist
Origin of Current Street Names: Part II
Another Draper Granddaughter: Dorothy Catherine Draper Nye 
Summer 2008 Nick Cook: A Hastings Life
Origin of Current Street Names: Part II
Annual Report of the Hastings Historical Society 2008 
Fall 2008 They Paved Paradise and Put Up a Parking Lot: A Memoir by Carol Marie (Venuto) Davis
Remembering Miss Pingrey: A Hastings High School Legend 
Winter 2009 Diamonds Are (Not Always) Forever: May Yohe, The Hope Diamond, and Hastings-on-Hudson
What Is a Cop? Anonymous Article from the Society’s Archive 
Spring 2009 The Hudson-Fulton Celebration
Robert Fulton 
Summer 2009 Hastings' First Ambulance
What's in a Name? Why Hastings Is Hastings
When Phys Ed Was “Gym”
Annual Report of the Hastings Historical Society 2009 
Fall 2009 Hastings Pop Culture: The Driftin’ Shifters Car Club
The Barbers of Hastings: A Resident Remembers
John P. Davies’ Historical Map of Westchester, 1932: A Treasure from Our Collection
Hastings’ First Jail: “The House That Jack Built”
Hubert Krack’s Radio Days 
Winter 2010 Geneology of a Building: 583 Warburton Ave.
The “Cup”: The Carusos’ Beloved Teen Hang-out
J. Stolting: Hastings’ Hermit 
Spring-Summer 2010 Our House Tour: A Successful Venture 17 Years in the Making
Lufanwal: The Norman Castle on Pinecrest
John MacCallum: A Member of Hastings’ Greatest Generation
Heads Up: The Hindenburg Flies Over Hastings
Broadway: A Millionaires’ Playground 
Fall 2010 Lunch: Memoirs of Mid-day at School
Driftin’ Shifters Revisited
The Sidewalks of Hastings
Thanksgiving, Hastings Style: Dinner at the Hastings House Restaurant
Marbles in Hastings: Bombzies and Spanzies in the Pot 
Winter 2011 Monday’s Washday: Washboards and Clothes Pins
Moving to the Suburbs in 1903: A Reminiscence
Growing Up in Riverview Manor: Jody Gaylin Heyward Remembers
Growing Up in the Village: Barbara Mullen Looks Back 
Spring-Summer 2011 Mr. Aschmann’s English Class: Tales of a Teaching Legend
A Child’s World c. 1960s
The Babe Comes to Hastings
Trading Cards at Recess
A Geographical Note: Hastings in Time and Place 
Fall 2011 An Immigrant’s Story: Excerpted from a Book by Carol Marie Venuto Davis
Hastings on the Go: Transportation through the Years
New Exhibit: Hidden Treasures from the Society's Collections 
Winter 2012 Farragut and the Lincoln Funeral Train
Remembering the Great Blizzard of 1888
Hidden Treasures
Trivia: The Other Hastings 
Spring 2012 Oysters
More on the Lincoln Funeral Train
Billie Burke and the New Celebrity Culture
Langmuir’s Quarry
Henry Draper and the Transit of Venus 
Summer 2012 The Ever-Changing Palisades
Getting Ready for School
“The War Brought Us All Together” 
Fall 2012 The Mary Powell: “Queen of the Hudson”
“Hello Southsider”: A Local History of World War II
Excerpts from the Society’s “Hastings Serves” Exhibit< 
Winter 2013 “Hey Buddy, Do Ya Wanna Buy a Gold Mine?”
Winter Memories
Frederick Upham Adams: Author and Inventor
Laura Macy Rice Remembers 
Spring 2013 Hastings Rocks: A Tale of Four Quarries
George Harvey: Hastings Artist
Ravensdale Recollections: How a Village Develops, 1930s
Monuments Planned: A Tribute to Korean and Vietnam Veterans < 
Summer 2013 Summers on the River
Hastings’ John Donnelly and Grand Central Terminal
The Evolution of the Ravine 
Fall 2013 Korean and Vietnam Memorials: Veterans Day Dedication Ceremony
“Between Heaven and Earth”: Jacques Lipchitz in Hastings
Hastings Prototype House: Historical Landmark on Farragut
Hastings’ Artists: A Rich Legacy < 
Winter 2014 A Shado-Lawn House Tale: 16 Windsor Road
Our Members Respond: Uses of a Log Raft Seen in a Hastings Waterfront Painting
Notes from the Observatory Cottage 
Spring 2014 When Hastings Went ‘Dry’: The Village During Prohibition
How One Industrious Family Kept One Step Ahead of the Volstead Act
The Oscar Connection: Hastings Residents Win the Statuette 
Summer 2014 Mr. Orlando’s Tree: A Childhood Landmark Revisited
Memories of a Childhood in Hastings: Excerpted from A Boy Named Bones by Anthony Kawalchuk
Women’s Tennis in Hastings: A Tradition Continues
Polio Pioneers: Hastings Children in First Clinical Trial 
Fall 2014 Old Families of Hastings: The Pulvers
17 Washington Avenue: In Memorium
Hastings Historical Society Photo Contest Winners
The Municipal Building: Icon of Village Activities 
Winter 2015 Bridging the Ravine: A Long History of a Relatively Short Bridge
Trolleys in Hastings
Sugar Pond: Excerpt from a Book by Denise (Yozzo) Martin 
Spring 2015 Poison Gas Comes to America: (Including the Hastings Waterfront)
Inside America's First Chemical Weapons Plant: Zinsser and Co
The Family Business: The Alusios and Hastings Electric and Hardware
Dr. Draper's Desk: A Relic Returns Home
Family Ties: The Hopkes and the Trubes 
Summer 2015 Protection Engine Company Started as Vigilance Committee
Brides of All Seasons
Hastings Bakery 1922-1932
Historical Monuments 
Fall 2015 A Civil Rights Pioneer Returns to Hastings: One of the Little Rock Nine
Hastings Memories: A 1959 Article Recalling the Village in the 1890s
Notes from Observatory Cottage 
Winter 2016 Peter Post: Hastings Revolutionary Hero
Hastings Clock Factory: Yarborough Time Ltd.
Postcards from a Donated Collection
411 Farragut Avenue 
Spring-Summer 2016 Krack’s Grocery: A Neighborhood Corner Store
Hastings’s Jail: Cold Storage
Recent Acquisitions: Paintings by Tony Palazzo
Did You Know: Fun Hastings Facts
Strike Up the Band: Photos
The Story Behind the Story: Mrs. Forgione’s Beads
When the Firemen Held a Bazaar: A Fundraiser for the First Motorized Truck
Notes from Observatory Cottage 
Fall 2016 A Dissertation on Gold and Ice Cream: Great Depression Memories
Hastings Shortcuts: Paths and Staircases
Notes from Observatory Cottage 
Winter 2017 Grace Episcopal Church: A Brief History
Dorothy Bauer: 1914 Teenage Swimming Sensation
Notes from Observatory Cottage 
Spring 2017 The Lippincott Winslows of Hastings: A Story of Fame, Farce and Tragedy
1929 Folk Dance in Hastings: Footage Comes to Light
Confederate Veterans Sleep on Hastings’s Eastern Flank 
Summer 2017 A History of Hillside: From Tenant Farms to Park
How Reynolds Field Came to Be: The Green Heart of Hastings
Annual Report: June 2016 to 2017
Notes from Observatory Cottage 
Fall 2017 Eclipse Mania, 19th Century Style: Hastings and the 1878 Eclipse
The Draper Family of Hastings: Pioneers of Astronomy
The Galloping Ghost of the Alaska Coast: The Cold War Adventures of Hastings’s Jared Y. Myers, U.S. Coast Guard
Notes from Observatory Cottage 
Winter 2018 Hastings Enters the 20th Century: Notes and Pictures from an Exhibition
The Downtown Commercial District: Grocers, Bars, and Ethnic Enclaves
“The Yellow House”: Home to Three Hastings Families Spanning 200 Years
Russian Meddling in American Politics: Or, Leon Trotsky Came to Town?
Notes from Observatory Cottage 
Spring 2018 Saving the Community Gardens: The Zinsser Plots
Recreation: Fun in Old Hastings
Dr. Michael Bender: Beloved Small-Town Family Doctor
List of Parks and Woodlands: What Is Named after Whom
Notes from Observatory Cottage 
Summer 2018 The Riverview Manor Tennis Club: A Neighborhood Institution
Charlie Callison: Environmental Crusader
Annual Report 2017-2018
Notes from Observatory Cottage 
Fall 2018 Charlotte Zolotow: Extending the Boundaries in Children’s Literature
The Buccaneer: A Hastings Shoreline Landmark for 60 Years
Hastings Nobel Prize Winners: Six Stellar Scientists and Economists
William Edgar: Lane Namesake 

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