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Anaconda in Hastings, 1929 to 1975

Aerial view of Anaconda plant

Our exhibit "Anaconda in Hastings, 1929 to 1975" explored the riverfront cable manufacturing company that shaped Hastings' economic and social life for nearly half a century.

The exhibit included nearly a hundred photographs and dozens of artifacts, among them:

The exhibit also displayed the company's old employee suggestion box (built to resemble one of the most distinctive factory buildings), models of laboratory equipment, cable samples, and a Lionel Train flatcar carrying Anaconda cable reels. Also included was a regular showing of a 1950s Anaconda promotional film made to showcase the Hastings plant. The exhibit ended with a look at the dramatic events that accompanied the plant's closing in 1975.

Suggestion Award winners from the Reel Shop. Stranding copper cable.
Suggestion Award winners from the Reel Shop at Anaconda Wire & Cable Company. Photograph shows, left to right, front row: Bill Newell, Ed Burke, John Neely; back row: Chris Addorisio, Joe Shulik, Tony Marsh, Harold Hadley, and Louis Phigler. Steve Sutor working machinery at Anaconda Wire & Cable Company. Title at the bottom right reads: "Stranding copper cable. Hastings-on-Hudson."

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