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Videos of Hastings History

The Hastings Historical Society sells two videotapes that include fascinating images and informative audio about the village's past. Please use our printable order form to order yours today!

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Black screen with title
Hastings 1939
Film of a festive day about the village in 1939. It was found in the local dump 30 years later and restored by Karl Soderstrom. The videotape comes from a public screening of the film in 1990 that was narrated by Julius Chemka, with musical accompaniment by Ted Holdsworth, Jr. DVD or VHS. 43 minutes. $20.
Image of Hudson River Sugar Refinery
The Hastings Waterfront
Videotaped slide show with the history of the waterfront, particularly its succession of industries and the generations of immigrants who came to work there. Developed and narrated by Karolyn Wrightson. DVD. 42 minutes. $20.
Miss Pingrey's History DVD
Miss Pingrey's Hastings History
Slide show history of Hastings, with narration as developed by beloved teacher Jane Pingrey. DVD. $20.

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